When Life Gives Them Lemons.

When life gives them lemons Pen to paper, write it down Those feelings you’ve got doubt you now. Change is just the start of this, Don’t let the past take hold of it. Your scared of trying in case you fall, But your already on the floor if you don’t start at all. Trying toContinue reading “When Life Gives Them Lemons.”


Day two of the challenge – today’s word was ‘curiosity’, this will be a song at some point, here’s the lyrics half. Do you wonder what’s behind that door Do you question why it doesn’t open anymore Its strange how these things happen to us It’s even stranger to me how we can just trustContinue reading “curiosity”


Do we pretend to be happy for ourselves or for other people? Is it something we were taught to do or is it a natural thing? A British thing? Because honestly I have no idea. It feels inherent. Like I don’t choose to do it, I just do. But then that begs the question ofContinue reading “BACKPACK WORRIES”


I wrote this monologue last year for a performance with YouthQuake. It’s about the word ‘fine’ and all the incredibly negative connotations and meanings it has – mainly it’s about the fact I use it far too regularly when I mean it very rarely. a person sat, speaking directly to the audience. Not really sureContinue reading “FINE”