Amber India Howells


Photo by Kitty Denton.

Freelance dance artist, performer, teacher and writer.

“Amber is a 21 year old bubbly bean from the heart of Cardiff, who has recently graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Classically trained in ballet, Amber joined Rubicon Dance at 16, where she trained full time for two years before embarking on her Northern journey. Whilst training, she had the pleasure of working with Lea Anderson MBE, Wayne Parsons, The Hiccup Project, Caroline Finn, Fernanda Prata, and Ewan Jones for Netflix’s Sex Education. Since graduating she has worked with Krystal S. Lowe and no-fly company Instant Dissidence and is currently working as a support artist on new Netflix Series ‘The Last Bus’. She has also co-founded a physical theatre company ‘Yoodaloo’, striving to bridge the gap between activism and performance, and recently performed in their new inclusive piece Scant, in collaboration with Instant Dissidence. In her spare time, Amber dabbles in writing poetry, sustainable travelling, wild camping, swimming in rivers and time spent outdoors in nature. This is when she’s not attending to her mothering duties to 18 plants and a very greedy chocolate labrador, Lulu.”

Still from ‘Sex Education’

An extract from ‘Slot Project’

Choreographed and performed by Amber, directed by Fernanda Prata in collaboration with Vinicius Salles, music by Azizi Cole.

Photo by Mike Bettney

From a performance of ‘ZOO’ as part of Yoodaloo Dance Theatre at the Youth Strike for Climate.


By Amber India Howells

‘Two Clowns’

As part of Yoodaloo Dance Theatre at the Youth Strike for Climate.

Photo taken by @mayart_viscom (instagram)

‘Dooming’ a solo created by Amber.

“It’s not about them” – photos and piece by Polly Constance.

Also featured is George Swattridge.

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