2015 – The Beginning

Using the odd YouTube video here and there, I started to make mock album covers for my shitty guitar clips I’d record on my phone. I didn’t realise where I’d end up taking any of this.

So most of this has just been sitting in a cloud storage folder for the last few years collecting dust.

Still, I’m thankful I ended up bumping into all of this. I don’t know what else I’d rather spend my life doing.

2019 – Making Ends Meat

Ah yes, the fabled podcast. This is where I really started getting into branding and designing stuff. Little did I know how much sheer fucking work it’d be.

Effort aside, this was some of the most fun I’ve had making anything so far. It was a cross section of my life, a peak into what I could become and I gained so much from it.

From audio tech bits I learnt via the lovely and talented Troy Luen, to the general design challenges trying to make this look somewhat professional.

I made this show with my childhood best friends. For that and many reasons; Making Ends Meat is one of those shows that never really die.

2020 – Lockdown

This is where things really kicked off. Before pesky corona came around I didn’t have the time to fully concentrate on anything creative. I was in the rat race, kicked out of school (oops) and trying to juggle my life.

Along comes all this time to do whatever I wanted but without any distraction from the outside world. So I started with anything. I took pictures on my phone and started to edit them with any free apps I could find.

I exported some of these over to photoshop to play around more and I just went in with the mindset of trying it without judging myself too hard. I’m used to being hard on myself so it’s worth trying something new, and I hope it’s working.

2021 – University

And here we are, in the present. Still seeing where I can take all of this and trying not to get too distracted.

This little box will probably be updated in the future when I add more bits to this timeline but hey, may as well fill it up for now as well, am I right?

Looks real professional when you’ve got a few paragraphs otherwise things just seem rushed. I can waffle for Wales I tell you.

Apart from that though make sure you drink plenty of water and I’ll catch you soon.

Art Page: https://www.instagram.com/aeddangj/

Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/makingendsmeat/

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