When Life Gives Them Lemons.

When life gives them lemons

Pen to paper, write it down

Those feelings you’ve got doubt you now.

Change is just the start of this,

Don’t let the past take hold of it.

Your scared of trying in case you fall,

But your already on the floor if you don’t start at all.

Trying to be the best you can. That’s a lie. Your just comparing yourself to everyone.

Look in the mirror and what do you see?

Don’t stare too long…you’ll start to see all the insecurities.

“It’s just a reflection, it can’t see deep inside you.”

Till it cuts you like glass, by the person you call you.

Is this my reality?

Is this normality, to compare myself with queens and people who get it easy?

When life gives them lemons,

We make the lemonade.

Sweet isn’t it…or bitter sweet?

Does this make me sound bitter? 

That I’m a quitter?

Cause I haven’t even started what I’ve set out to become.

Who knows how long it takes? How many try’s? How many guys?

You ever feel like you should cry, but you can’t cry,

And then you feel bad because it’s a lie, because you can’t cry,

But then you cry…

But it don’t feel right.

It feels numb.

Numb like…that piece of gum you stuck in the chair in secondary.

It’s gone hard now…

Cause it’s been a while now.

But it was soft…at one point…a while back.

Tara Greene

Published by taralgreene

Performing and music is my life, but for a short while, it was the root of my anxiety. After some much needed time for myself I’ve found my spark and passion for it again. All I want to do is write, create and collab with people, like myself. So here are some covers and original songs for yall

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